Jesuit Institute Programme

The Jesuit Institute offers a programme of conferences for Jesuit schools and schools with an Ignatian identity.

There are regular residential meetings for Heads (twice a year), Deputy Heads (once a year), Chaplains (three times a year), Heads of RE (once a year), and Chairs of Governors (once a year). There is also an annual training day for new governors.

The Shared Vision programme provides formation of teachers and support staff in the Jesuit identity and mission of the schools.

There are also individually guided Ignatian retreats for school staff.

Each year there is a leadership conference for Sixth Form pupils (ages 17/18). And a conference for Y6 pupils (ages 10/11) from the primary schools.

School Year 2018-19
Term 2
JECSE Formators' Conference
Monday 25 - Friday 28 March 2019

Annual European conference for those with responsibility for Ignatian formation of staff in Jesuit schools.
International Student Leadership Conference
12 - 14 April 2019
Mount St Mary's College
A conference on leadership for Y12 (age 16-17) students from Jesuit schools worldwide.
School Year 2018-19
Term 3
Day Conference for Chairs of Governors
Saturday 11 May 2019
Jesuit Provincial Curia, London

The annual gathering for Chairs of Governors, and one other governor, from Jesuit schools. 10.30am-4.00pm
Heads of Jesuit Schools Conference
Thursday 6 - Friday 7 June 2019
Royal Foundation of St Katharine, Limehouse, London

The second meeting of Heads of Jesuit schools for 2019.
Shared Vision 1
Monday 10 - Tuesday 11 June 2019
Venue tbc

An introduction to Jesuit identity and mission in education for teachers and support staff.
National School Chaplaincy Conference 2019
Where the Spirit leads
Wednesday 12 - Friday 14 June 2019
Liverpool Hope University

This bi-annual ecumenical conference replaces the summer term meeting of Jesuit school chaplains.
Shared Vision 2
Thursday 27 - Friday 28 June 2019
St Mary's Convent, Handsworth, Birmingham

A conference for teachers and teaching assistants on the Jesuit method of teaching and learning
School Year 2019-20
Term 1
Sixth Form Leadership Conference
Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 September 2019
Jesuit Villa House, Barmouth, West Wales

Conference for Head Boys/Girls from each of the Jesuit secondary schools in the UK.
Chaplains' Conference
Thursday 3 - Friday 4 October 2019
Venue tba

The Term 1 meeting of Jesuit school chaplains.
Ignite! 2019
Sunday 6 - Tuesday 8 October 2019
St John's Beaumont

A conference for four Y6 pupils from each of the Jesuit preparatory/primary schools.
Heads of RE Conference
Thursday 7 - Friday 8 November 2019
Venue tba

The annual meeting for Heads of RE of the Jesuit schools in the UK.
Deputy Heads' Conference
Thursday 14 - Friday 15 November 2019
Venue tba

The annual meeting for deputy heads of Jesuit schools.
JECSE Delegates Meeting
20 - 23 November
Venue tba
The annual meeting of Delegates for Education for the Jesuit provinces and regions of Europe.
School Year 2019-20
Term 2
JECSE Primary Heads' Conference
14 - 17 January 2020
Loyola, Spain
The triennial conference for heads of Jesuit primary schools in Europe.
Chaplains' Conference and Retreat
Thursday 23 - Saturday 25 January 2020
Venue tba

The Term 1 meeting of Jesuit school chaplains.
Winter Retreat
Thursday 13 - Saturday 15 February 2020
St Beuno's Jesuit Spirituality Centre, North Wales

An individually guided Ignatian retreat for Jesuit school staff.
Heads of Jesuit Schools Conference
Thursday 27 - Saturday 29 February 2020
Venue tba

The first of the two meetings for Heads in 2020.
JECSE Formators Conference
24 - 27 March 2020
Venue tba
School Year 2019-20
Term 3

Joint Heads of Jesuit Schools
and School Chaplains Conference

Thursday 11 - Friday 12 June 2020
Hinsley Hall, Leeds

The second of the two meetings for Heads in 2020 to be held jointly with the termly meeting of school chaplains.
ICAJE Worldwide Colloquium on Jesuit Education
29 June - 4 July 2020
Jogyakarta, Indonesia

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