Jesuit Liturgical Calendar


The Calendar of the Society of Jesus is the universal calendar of the Catholic Church with additional feasts and saints days proper to the Society of Jesus worldwide. This calendar also includes saints of the church in England and Wales, and in Scotland, and of the British Jesuit Province.

The Jesuit Liturgical Calendar is used in the parishes, schools and houses of the Society of Jesus in England and Wales, and in Scotland.

There are four ranks of liturgical celebration:
S = Solemnity
F = Feast
M = Memorial
OM = Optional Memorial (colour of the day is given; change colour if you celebrate the OM).

A, B, C for Sundays refers to the cycle of readings (Year A, Year B, Year C). In 2016-17, the Sunday readings are from cycle A - the Gospel of St Matthew. In 2017-18, the Sunday readings will be from the Gospel of St Mark.

Weekday readings in 2016-17 are from cycle I, and in 2017-18 from cycle II of the Lectionary.

Optional Memorials and saints days which have been displaced by a Sunday are noted in the right-hand column.

The Jesuit martyrs of England and Wales are collectively celebrated on 1st December. But the individual dates of their martyrdom may also be celebrated and are listed in the right-hand column.
List of the Jesuit martyrs of England and Wales

The book symbol indicates that resources are available in connection with this feast or season - click on the book to go to the relevant resources page.

Liturgy Office of the Bishops' Conference - Calendar

October   October is the month of the Rosary. The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is on 7th October.
  1 Tue St Teresa of the Child Jesus, virgin & doctor of the Church (M)  
  2 Wed Guardian Angels (M)
  3 Thr St Francis Borgia SJ, priest (M)  
  4 Fri St Francis of Assisi, religious (M)  
  5 Sat    
  6 Sun 27th Sunday (C) Bl Diego de San Vitores SJ, Martyr (OM)
  7 Mon Our Lady of the Rosary (M)  
  8 Tue    
  9 Wed
Bl John Henry Newman, Priest (OM)
St Denis, bishop, and Companions, martyrs (OM)
St John Leonardi, priest (OM)
  10 Thr   St Paulinus of York (OM)
  11 Fri   St John XXIII, pope (OM)
  12 Sat


Bl John Beyzym SJ, priest (OM)
St Wilfrid, bishop (OM)
  13 Sun 28th Sunday (C) St Edward the Confessor, king (OM)
  14 Mon   St Callistus I, pope & martyr (OM)
  15 Tue St Teresa of Avila, virgin & doctor of the Church (M))  
  16 Wed   St Hedwig, religious (OM)
St Margaret Mary Alacoque, virgin (OM)
  17 Thr St Ignatius of Antioch, bishop & martyr (M)  
  18 Fri St Luke, evangelist (F)  
  19 Sat Ss John de Brebeuf SJ, Isaac Jogues SJ and companions, Jesuit martyrs of North America (M)  
  20 Sun 29th Sunday (C)  
  21 Mon   Bl Juan Diego Luis de Vitores SJ, priest, &
St Pedro Calungsod, martyrs (OM)
  22 Tue   St John Paul II, pope (OM)
  23 Wed   St John de Capistrano, priest (OM)
  24 Thr   St Anthony Mary Claret, bishop (OM)
  25 Fri The Martyrs of Wales (F in Wales)  
  26 Sat   St Chad and St Cedd, Bishops (OM)
  27 Sun 30th Sunday (C)  
  28 Mon Ss Simon & Jude, apostles (F)  
  29 Tue    
  30 Wed   Bl Dominic Collins SJ (+1602) and companions, martyrs of Ireland (OM)
  31 Thr St Alphonsus Rodriguez SJ, religious (M)  
November   November is the month of the Holy Souls when we remember our dead in prayer at the altar. November Lists
Bethany Mass
Remembrance Day
  1 Fri Feast of All Saints (S) Holyday of Obligation
  2 Sat Commemoration of All Souls (S)  
  3 Sun 31st Sunday (C) Blessed Rupert Mayer SJ, Jesuit priest (OM)
St Martin de Porres, religious (OM)
St Winefride, virgin (OM)
  4 Mon St Charles Borromeo, bishop (M)  
  5 Tue All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus (F) Mass texts and readings
  6 Wed    
  7 Thr    
  8 Fri   Bl John Duns Scotus (M in Scotland)
  9 Sat Dedication of the Lateran Basilica (F)  
  10 Sun 32nd Sunday (C)
Remembrance Sunday
St Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church (M)
  11 Mon St Martin of Tours (M) Armistice Day
  12 Tue St Josaphat, bishop & matryr (M)
  13 Wed St Stanislaus Kostka, Jesuit religious (M)  
  14 Thr St Joseph Pignatelli, Jesuit priest (M)  
  15 Fri   St Albert the Great, bishop & doctor of the Church (OM)
  16 Sat   St Roch Gonzalez and companions, Jesuit martyrs (OM)
  17 Sun 33rd Sunday (C) St Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious (M)
  18 Mon   Dedication of the Basilicas of Ss Peter and Paul (OM)
  19 Tue    
  20 Wed    
  21 Thr Presentation of Our Lady (M)  
  22 Fri St Cecilia, virgin & martyr, patron of musicians (M)  
  23 Sat   Bl Miguel Pro SJ, Jesuit priest & martyr (OM)
St Clement I, pope & martyr (OM)
St Columbanus, abbot (OM)
  24 Sun Christ the King (C) Ss Andrew Dung-Lac SJ and Companions, Jesuit Martyrs (M)
  25 Mon   St Catherine of Alexandria, virgi martyr (OM)
Novena in honour of St Francis Xavier SJ begins (to 4th December)
  26 Tue St John Berchmans SJ, religious (M)

Patronal Feast of St John's Beaumont Preparatory School


  27 Wed    
  28 Thr    
  29 Fri   Bl Bernando de Hoyos SJ, Jesuit priest (OM)
  30 Sat St Andrew, apostle and martyr (S/F) Solemnity in Scotland
Feast in England & Wales
December     During December we celebrate the season of Advent in preparation for Christ's coming at Christmas Advent resources
Carol Service resources
  1 Sun 1st Sunday of Advent (Year A) Ss Edmund Campion SJ, Robert Southwell SJ and Companions, Jesuit Martyrs of England and Wales, and Ss Alexander Briant and Raph Sherwin (F)
Patronal Feast of the British Jesuit Province
List of Jesuit Martyrs of England and Wales
St Edmund Campion resources
  2 Mon    
  3 Tue St Francis Xavier SJ, co-founder of the Society of Jesus & patron of the missions (F)



  4 Wed   St John Damascene, Priest and Doctor of the Church (OM)
  5 Thr Bl Niels Steensens (OM)
Patronal Feast of Niels Steensens Gymnasium, København
  6 Fri   St Nicholas, Bishop (OM)
  7 Sat St Ambrose, bishop & doctor of the Church (M)  
  8 Sun 2nd Sunday of Advent (A)  
  9 Mon Feast of the Immaculate Conception (S) Patronal Feast of Mount St Mary's College
Patronal Feast of St Mary's Hall Stonyhurst
St Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (OM)
  10 Tue   St John Roberts, priest & martyr (OM in Wales)
  11 Wed   St Damasus I, pope (OM)
  12 Thr   Our Lady of Guadalupe (OM)
Bl Thomas Holland SJ,
English Jesuit martyr (+1642)
  13 Fri St Lucy, virgin & martyr (M)  
  14 Sat St John of the Cross, priest & doctor of the Church (M)  
  15 Sun 3rd Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) (A)  
  16 Mon    
  17 Tue    
  18 Wed    
  19 Thr    
  20 Fri    
  21 Sat St Peter Canisius SJ, Jesuit priest & doctor of the Church (F)  
  22 Sun 4th Sunday of Advent (A)  
  23 Mon   St John of Kanty, Priest (OM)
  24 Tue    
  25 Wed CHRISTMAS DAY Solemnity
Holyday of Obligation
  26 Thr

St Stephen, protomartyr (F)

  27 Fri St John, apostle & evangelist (F)  
  28 Sat Holy Innocents, martyrs (F)  
  29 Sun Holy Family (A) St Thomas Becket, bishop & martyr (F in England)
  30 Mon    
  31 Tue   St Sylvester I, pope (OM)
1 Wed

Mary the Mother of God (S)

  2 Thr Ss Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, bishops & doctors of the Church (M)  
  3 Fri The Most Holy Name of Jesus (S) Titular Feast of the Society of Jesus
  4 Sat   401st anniversary of the foundation of the British Jesuit Province (1619)
  5 Sun Feast of the Epiphany (A) Epiphany resources
  6 Mon    
  7 Tue   St Raymond Penyafort, priest (OM)
  8 Wed    
  9 Thr    
  10 Fri    
  11 Sat    
  12 Sun Baptism of Our Lord (A) St Aelred of Rievaulx, monk (OM in England)
  13 Mon

St Kentigern (Mungo), bishop (F in Scotland)
St Hilary, bishop & doctor of the Church (OM)

  14 Tue   Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins (to 25th)
  15 Wed    
  16 Thr    
  17 Fri St Antony, abbot (M)  
  18 Sat    
  19 Sun   Jesuit Martyrs of the Reformation in Europe (OM)
St Wulstan, bishop (OM in England)
  20 Mon   St Fabian, pope & martyr (OM)
St Sebastian, martyr (OM)
  21 Tue   St Agnes, virgin & martyr (M)
  22 Wed   St Vincent, deacon & martyr (OM)
  23 Thr    
  24 Fri St Francis de Sales, bishop & doctor of the Church (M) Bl William Ireland SJ,
English Jesuit martyr (+1679)
  25 Sat The Conversion of St Paul the Apostle (F)
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ends
  26 Sun Ss Timothy and Titus, bishops (M)
  27 Mon   St Angela Merici, virgin and religious (OM), Founder of the Ursuline Schools
  28 Tue St Thomas Aquinas OP, priest & doctor of the Church (M)  
  29 Wed    
  30 Thr    
  31 Fri St John Bosco, priest (M)  
1 Sat


St Henry Morse SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1645)
  2 Sun The Presentation of Our Lord (Candlemas) (A)  
  3 Mon   St Blaise, Bishop and Martyr (OM)
St Ansgar, Bishop (OM)

Bl John Nelson SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1578)
  4 Tue St John de Brito SJ, Bl Rudolph Acquaviva SJ and Companions, Bl Francis Pacheco SJ, Charles Spinola SJ & companions (M), Jesuit martyrs of the missions  
  5 Wed St Agatha, virgin & martyr (M)  
  6 Thr St Paul Miki SJ & companions,
martyrs of Japan (M)
  7 Fri    
  8 Sat   St Jerome Emilianie (OM)
St Josephine Bakhita, Virgin (OM)
  9 Sun   St Teilo, Bishop (OM in Wales)
  10 Mon    
  11 Tue   Our Lady of Lourdes (OM)
  12 Wed    
  13 Thr    
  14 Fri St Cyril, monk, & St Methodius, bishops & co-patrons of Europe (F)


  15 Sat St Claude de la Colombière SJ (M)  
  16 Sun    
  17 Mon   The Servite Founders (OM)
  18 Tue    
  19 Wed    
  20 Thr    
  21 Fri   St Peter Damian, bishop & doctor of the Church (OM)
St Robert Southwell SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1595)
  22 Sat Chair of St Peter (F)  
  23 Sun   St Polycarp, bishop & martyr (M)
  24 Mon    
  25 Tue    
  26 Wed Ash Wednesday Day of fasting and abstinence
Liturgy resources
  27 Thr Bl Roger Filcock SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1600)
  28 Fri    
  29 Sat    


1 Sun 1st Sunday of Lent (A) St David (F or Solemnity in Wales)
  2 Mon


St Nicholas Owen SJ,
English Jesuit Martyr (+1606)
  3 Tue    
  4 Wed   St Casimir (OM)
The Novena of Grace in honour of St Francis Xavier begins
  5 Fri    
  6 Sat    
  7 Sun 2nd Sunday of Lent (A) Ss Perpetua and Felicity, martyrs (OM)
  8 Mon   St John of God, Religious (OM)
  9 Tue   St Frances of Rome, Religious (OM)
  10 Wed  

  11 Thr St John Ogilvie SJ, Scots Jesuit martyr (+1615) Patronal Feast of St Aloysius College Junior School, Glasgow
Feast transferred from 10th March
  12 Fri    
  13 Sat    
  14 Sun 3rd Sunday of Lent (A)  
  15 Mon    
  16 Tue    
  17 Wed   St Patrick, bishop (F or Solemnity in Ireland)
  18 Thr   St Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (OM)
  19 Fri St Joseph (S)
Principal Patron of the Society of Jesus
Patronal Feast of St Joseph's School, Hurst Green
  20 Sat    
  21 Sun 4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare) (A)  
  22 Mon    
  23 Tue   St Turbius of Montenegro, bishop (OM)
  24 Wed    
  25 Thr Feast of the Annunciation (Lady Day) (S)  
  26 Fri    
  27 Sat    
  29 Sun 5th Sunday of Lent (A)  
  30 Mon    
  31 Tue    


1 Wed    
  2 Thr    
  3 Fri   Bl Robert Middleton SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1601)
  4 Sat   St Isidore, bishop & doctor of the Church (OM)
  5 Sun Passion (Palm) Sunday (A) HOLY WEEK BEGINS
St Vincent Ferrer, priest (OM)
  6 Mon    
  7 Tue   St John Baptist de la Salle, Priest (OM)
St Henry Walpole SJ (+1595), Bl Ralph Ashley SJ (+1606), Bl Edward Oldcorne SJ (+1606), English Jesuit Martyrs
  8 Wed    
  9 Thr Holy Thursday  
  10 Fri Good Friday Day of fasting & abstinence
  11 Sat Holy Saturday St Stanislaus, bishop & martyr (OM)
  12 Sun EASTER DAY (A) Easter Mass resources for schools
  13 Mon    
  14 Tue    
  15 Wed    
  16 Thr    
  17 Fri    
  18 Sat    
  19 Sun 2nd Sunday of Easter (A)  
  20 Mon


Bl Francis Page SJ,
English Jesuit martyr (+1602)
  21 Tue   St Anselm, bishop & doctor of the Church (OM)
  22 Wed The Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of the Society of Jesus (F)  
  23 Thr St George, martyr, patron of England (S) Solemnity in England
  24 Fri   St Adalbert, bishop & martyr (OM)
St Fidelis of Sigmaringen, priest & martyr (OM)
  25 Sat St Mark, evangelist (F)  
  26 Sun 3rd Sunday of Easter (A)  
  27 Mon St Peter Canisius SJ, priest & doctor of the Church (M)  
  28 Tue   St Peter Chanel, priest & martyr (OM)
St Louis Grignion de Montfort, priest (OM)
  29 Wed St Catherine of Siena, virgin & doctor of the Church, co-patron of Europe (F)  
  30 Thr   St Pius V, pope (OM)
May     May is the month of Our Lady.  
  1 Fri   St Joseph the Worker (OM)
  2 Sat St Athanasius, Bishop & Doctor of the Church (M)  
  3 Sun 4th Sunday of Easter (A) Ss Philip and James, Apostles (F)
  4 Mon

The English Martyrs (F in England)

St José Rubio SJ (OM)
St Asaph, Bishop (OM in Wales)
  5 Tue    
  6 Wed    
  7 Thr    
  8 Fri    
  9 Sat    
  10 Sun 5th Sunday of Easter (A)  
  11 Mon   St Francis Jerome SJ (OM)
  12 Tue    
  13 Wed   Our Lady of Fatima (OM)
  14 Thr St Matthias, Apostle (F)  
  15 Fri    
  16 Sat   St Andrew Bobola SJ , Jesuit Martyr of Poland (OM)
  17 Sun 6th Sunday of Easter (A)  
  18 Mon  
  19 Tue   Bl Peter Wright SJ , English Jesuit Martyr (+1651)
  20 Wed    
  21 Thr Feast of the Ascension (A) St Christopher Magallanes, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs (OM)
  22 Fri   St Rita of Cascia, Religious (OM)
  23 Sat    
  24 Sun 7th Sunday of Easter (A)
Jesuit feast of Our Lady of the Way (M)
Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest (F)
  25 Mon   St Bede (OM)
  26 Tue   St Philip Neri, Priest (OM)
  27 Wed    
  28 Thr    
  29 Fri   St Paul VI, Pope (OM)
  30 Sat   Bl Thomas Cottam SJ,
English Jesuit Martyr (+1582)
  31 Sun Pentecost Sunday (A) Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (F)
1 Mon St Justin, Martyr (M)  
  2 Tue    
  3 Wed St Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs (M)
  4 Thr    
  5 Fri St Boniface, Bishop & Martyr (M)
  6 Sat   St Norbert, Bishop (OM)
  7 Sun Trinity Sunday (A)  
  8 Mon St Jacques Berthieu SJ, Jesuit Priest & Martyr (M)

St Etheldreda, Abbess (OM)
St Thomas Garnet SJ, Englsh Jesuit Martyr (+1608)

  9 Tue   St Joseph Anchieta SJ, Jesuit Priest (OM)
St Columba, Abbot (OM)

St Ephrem (OM)
  10 Wed Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church (M)  
  11 Thr Corpus Christi (A) St Barnabas, Apostle (F)
  12 Fri    
  13 Sat Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest (F) Feast in England & Wales St Anthony of Padua, Priest & Doctor of the Church (M)
Bl Thomas Woodhouse SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1573)
  14 Sun    
  15 Mon


16 Tue   St Richard of Chichester, Bishop (OM)
  17 Wed    
  18 Thr    
  19 Fri   St Romauld, Abbot (OM)
  20 Sat St Alban, Protomartyr of England (F)

Bl John Fenwick SJ, John Gavan SJ, William Harcourt SJ, Anthony Turner SJ, and Thomas Whitbread SJ, English Jesuit Martyrs (+1679)

  21 Sun   St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ
Patronal Feast of
St Aloysius College and Stonyhurst College
  22 Mon Ss Thomas More and John Fisher, English Martyrs (+1535) (F)
St Paulinus, Bishop (OM)
  23 Tue    
  24 Wed Nativity of St John the Baptist (S)  
  25 Thr    
  26 Fri    
  27 Sat Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (S) Patronal Feast of Wimbledon College
  28 Sun Ss Peter and Paul, Apostles (S) St Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr (OM)
  29 Mon The Immaculate Heart of Mary (F)  
  30 Tue   Protomartyrs of Rome (OM)
1 Wed   The Protomartyrs of Rome (OM)
St Oliver Plunkett, Bishop and Martyr (OM)
  2 Thr

St Bernardine Realino SJ, St John Francis Regis SJ, St Francis de Geronimo SJ, Bl Julian Maunoir SJ & Bl Anthony Baldinucci SJ, Jesuit Priests (M)

  3 Fri St Thomas, Apostle (F)  
  4 Sat   St Elizabeth of Portugal (OM)
  5 Sun   St Anthony Mary Zaccaria, Priest (OM)
  6 Mon   St Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr (OM)
  7 Tue    
  8 Wed    
  9 Thr

St Leo Mangin SJ and Companions,
Jesuit Martyrs (M)

St Augustine Zhao Rong, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs (OM)
  10 Fri    
  11 Sat St Benedict, Abbot, Co-patron of Europe (F)  
  12 Sun    
  13 Mon   St Henry (OM)
  14 Tue    
  15 Wed St Bonaventure, Bishop & Doctor of the Church (M)  
  16 Thr   Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OM)
  17 Fri    
  18 Sat    
  19 Sun    
  20 Mon   St Apollinaris, Bishop and Martyr (OM)
  21 Tue    
  22 Wed St Mary Magdalen (F) St Philip Evans SJ,
Jesuit Martyr of Wales (+1679)
  23 Thr St Bridget, religious, co-patron of Europe (F)  
  24 Fri   St Charbel Makhluf, Priest (OM)
  25 Sat

St James, apostle (F)

Bl Rudolfo Aquaviva SJ (OM)
  26 Sun   Ss Joachim and Anne, parents of Our Lady (M)
  27 Mon    
  28 Tue    
  29 Wed St Martha, virgin (M)  
  30 Thr   St Peter Crysologus, bishop & doctor of the Church (OM)
  31 Fri St Ignatius Loyola SJ,
co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Solemnity)
Solemnity in the Society of Jesus
Patronal Feast of St Ignatius College, London
1 Sat St Alphonsus Ligouri, bishop & doctor of the Church (M)  
  2 Sun

St Peter Favre SJ, co-founder of the Society of Jesus (F)
St Eusebius of Vercelli, Bishop (OM)
St Peter Julian Eymard, Priest (OM)
  3 Mon    
  4 Tue   St John Mary Vianney, Priest (OM)
  5 Wed   Dedication of Basilica of St Mary Major, Rome (OM)
  6 Thr The Transfiguration of the Lord (F)  
  7 Fri   St Xystus and Companions, Martyrs (OM)
  8 Sat St Dominic OP, priest (M)  
  9 Sun   St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), virgin & martyr, co-patron of Europe (F)
  10 Mon St Lawrence, deacon & martyr (F)  
  11 Tue   St Clare, Virgin (OM)
  12 Wed   St Jane Frances de Chantal, Religious (OM)
  13 Thr   St Pontian, Pope, and St Hippolytus, Priest, Martyrs (OM)
  14 Fri    
  15 Sat    
  16 Sun   St Stephen of Hungary (OM)
  17 Mon    
  18 Tue   St Alberto Hurtado SJ, Jesuit Priest (OM)
  19 Wed   St John Eudes, Priest (OM)
  20 Thr St Bernard, abbot & doctor of the Church (M)  
  21 Fri St Pius X, pope (M)  
  22 Sat Our Lady, Queen (M)  
  23 Sun   St Rose of Lima, Virgin (OM)
  24 Mon St Bartholomew, apostle (F)  
  25 Tue   Bl Miguel Carvalho SJ (OM) Bl Dominic of the Mother of God, Priest (OM)
  26 Wed    
  27 Thr St Monica (M) St David Lewis SJ, Welsh Jesuit Martyr (+1679)
  28 Fri St Augustine, bishop & doctor of the Church (M) St Edmund Arrowsmith SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1628)
  29 Sat Martyrdom of St John the Baptist (M)  
  30 Sun   Ss Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line and Mary Ward, Martyrs (OM)
Patronal Feast of Barlborough Hall School
  31 Mon   St Aidan, Bishop, and the Saints of Lindisfarne (OM)
1 Tue   Liturgical resources for for beginning of school year
  2 Wed   Bl James Bonnaud, Bl Joseph Imbert, Bl John Nicolas Cordier, Bl Thomas Sitjar, and Companions, Martyrs (OM)
  3 Thr

St Gregory the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church (F)
Bl Alexander Lanfant SJ (OM)
  4 Fri   St Cuthbert, Bishop (OM)
Bl Anthony Ixida SJ (OM)
  5 Sat    
  6 Sun Education Sunday  
  7 Mon

Bl Thomas Tzuji SJ (OM)
Bl Ralph Corby SJ, English Jesuit Martyr (+1644)
  8 Tue
The Birthday of Our Lady (F)
  9 Wed St Peter Claver SJ, priest (M)
  10 Thr
Bl Francisco Gárate SJ, Religious (OM)
  11 Fri    
  12 Sat   The Most Holy Name of Mary (OM)
  13 Sun   St John Chrysostom, bishop & doctor of the Church (M)
  14 Mon The Exaltation of the Cross (F)  
  15 Tue 24th Sunday (C) Our Lady of Sorrows (OM)
  16 Wed Ss Cornelius and Cyprian, bishops & martyrs (M)  
  17 Thr St Robert Bellarmine SJ,
bishop & doctor of the Church (M)
  18 Fri    
  19 Sat   St Januarius, Bishop & Martyr (OM)
St Theodore of Canterbury, Bishop (OM)
  20 Sun   St Andrew Kim Taegon SJ and companions, Jesuit martyrs (M)
  21 Mon St Matthew, apostle & evangelist (F)  
  22 Tue


Bl Thomas Sitjar and Companions SJ, Martyrs (OM)
  23 Wed St Pius of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio), priest (M)  
  24 Thr Our Lady of Walsingham (M)  
  25 Fri    
  26 Sat   Ss Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs (OM)
  27 Sun   St Vincent de Paul, priest (M)
  28 Mon


St Wenceslaus, Martyr (OM)
Ss Laurece Ruiz and Companions, Martyrs (OM)
  29     Ss Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels (F)
  30   St Jerome, Priest and Doctor of the Church (M) Beginning of the Year of the Word (England & Wales)