Scripture Versions
Versions of Scripture for liturgical and school use  

The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has approved four translations of Scripture for liturgical use.

The predominant translation currently used in the liturgy is the Jerusalem Bible (JB) except for the psalms for which the Grail Psalms are used. Note that the approved liturgical version is the original 1966 Jerusalem Bible (JB), not the more recent 1985 New Jerusalem Bible (NJB).

The first lectionary (produced in 1966 for England and Wales, and Scotland) used the Revised Standard Version (RSV) and this translation continues to be an approved alternative to the JB.

For the past few years, the bishops of England and Wales have been considering using the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) in a Catholic edition which was to be known as the Bede Bible. At their Low Week meeting at Easter 2016, they made the decision to abandon this project. The new lectionary will use the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE) - a revision of the RSV translation already approved for liturgical use.

The Good News Bible (GNB) is approved for use in children's liturgies.

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Guidance on using Scripture in schools  

In choosing which Scripture translation to use in school liturgies and assemblies, the main consideration should be one of intelligibility.

Paraphrases of Scripture should be avoided as much as possible.



Links to online translation texts


Using online texts can save a lot of time in preparing Mass booklets, etc.

Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition)

Jerusalem Bible - Old Testament - New Testament
(this online version is done verse by verse and so needs some editing for use in Mass booklets; but it is the only online version)

Good News Bible
(also known as the Good News Translation (GNT) or Today's English Version (TEV)).

The Grail Psalms
The Grail translation of the psalms is not available online. The CTS printed edition is available from Amazon here.