St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ
Feast Day

The feast day of St Aloysius Gonzaga is 21st June.


Prayer Card
St Aloysius Prayer Card
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Aloysius Gonzaga, age 9
Painting in the rooms of St Aloysius at the Roman College
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St Aloysius Gonzaga Similar to Fire
William Hart McNicols
Aloysius carries a man dying of plague
Statue at St Aloysius College Malta
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St Aloysius tends the sick
Source unknown
The Vocation of Aloysius Gonzaga
Woodcut by Eric Kennington (1888 - 1960)
"The saint, a man of bronze, kneels on a raock amid the swirl of things; but the bronze lives, thrilled by the deluge of the Holy Spirit. Aloysius has to respond in his own way to Christ who, though he was God, abdicated the external homage due to God, taking a servant's form, and "humbling himself" even to death upon a cross. Aloysius, with all his will, responds. The strain is still seen as terrific: peace is not yet consummated; but vistory will be absolute."
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Aloysius Gonzaga as a young nobleman
Aloysius asissts victims of the palgue
Aloysius assists victims of the plague
Aloysius leaves the family home
St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ
Frontispiece from Cepari's Life of Aloyisus Gonzaga (1609)
Campion Hall Collections
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The hospice where St Aloysius tended the sick
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The plaque commemorating the place where Aloysius tended the sick and contracted plague from which he died
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Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, having renounced his princely title became a religious in the Society of Jesus. He was among the first students of the the Roman College when, in the fervid impulse of sacrifice and love, in the year MDXCI (1591), he consecrated his young life to the comfort of those suffering from plague, frequenting this hospital where he carried one of the infected patients contracting the disease himself whereupon, on the 21st June, at only 23 years old, he rose to his celestial reward, an angel of purity and a martyr to charity.
The Roman Peoples placed this memorial on the occasion of the centenary of the Canonisation solemnly celebrated by the Church and the State to the Glory of God and the honour of Italy 29 June 1928.
The Arms of the Gonzaga family (1510)
A short dramatised introduction for an assembly or Mass for the Feast of St Aloysius. From St Aloysius College Junior School, Sydney.
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A Hymn to St Aloysius
suitable for use with primary age children
by Julie Harvey (St Aloysius Primary School, Chapelhall, Scotland)
mp3 recording (1m 53s)
Words and guitar chords


by Clifford Stevens and William Hart McNichols (1993)
A collection of essays on Aloysius' life, spirit and relevance today. It is difficult to find good contemporary material on St Aloysius Gonzaga. This is an excellent exception.
Available from the Jesuit Institute

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