Jesuit Education - Key Texts
Bibliography of Jesuit history, spirituality and education
Men for Others
The seminal address of Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, then General Superior of the Society of Jesus, to an international congress of alumni of Jesuit schools at Valencia in 1973. This address began a process of reflection and self-evaluation which led to the worldwide renewal of Jesuit education. It includes the well-known phrases "men for others" and "agents for change".
Men for Others (1973)

The Characteristics of Jesuit Education
(British and Irish Provinces of the Society of Jesus; 1987; privately published)
This statement of the principles and characteristics of Jesuit education followed consultation across all the Jesuit schools in the world. It is the contemporary statement of what Jesuit education is about. This book is currently out of print but may be downloaded below.
The Characteristics of Jesuit Education (1986)
A Commentary on The Characteristics of Jesuit Education by Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ

Ignatian Pedagogy - A Practical Approach
(International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education, Rome 1994)
A contemporary Jesuit methodology of teaching based on the principles of Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises.
Ignatian Pedagogy - A Practical Approach (1994)
School Vision Statement
Adopted by the ten schools of the British Jesuit Province in 2002
Available online

Society of Jesus Documents on Education
Education Secretariat, Rome

Conferences and Talks on Jesuit Education

The Identity of Ignatian Leadership and Ignatian Teacher Formation
Adrian Porter SJ for the Congress of Directors of Jesuit Schools in Europe (Loyola, October 2005)

Ignatiaans Leiderschap in de Klas [Ignatian Leadership in the Classroom]
Adrian Porter SJ for the Jesuit Schools of the Flemish Province (Antwerp, October 2006)

Drinking From Our Own Wells
A reflection on change in a Jesuit school by Neil McManus (London, February 2011)

Jesus the Humble Leader
A reflection on Ignatian leadership in Jesuit schools by Andrew Gordon-Brown (Stonyhurst, Easter 2011)

Sharing our Faith with Young People
A talk for teachers and those with pastoral responsibility in schools by Jim Corkery SJ (Loyola, February 2011)