Resources for the Season of Lent

Ash Wednesday

The liturgy for the blessing and distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday is to be found in the Missal.
The ashes liturgy can take place within Mass or by itself, preferably with readings.

Ash Wednesday Liturgy (for use when a priest is not available)
Ash Cross - a graphic for Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday Explained in 2-Minutes (film for assemblies or RE classes)
Whats With The Ash? (short video on Ash Wednesday 1m 58s)


Jesus in the Desert (video for Lent 5m 16s) - use with Luke 4:1-13
So Whats the Story with Lent? (1m 16s)


Lenten Practice

Christians have traditionally followed three activtites during Lent:
1. Prayer
2. Self-denial (or Fasting)
3. Alms-Giving
These continue to appeal to the imagination of young people and can provide a strong focus for chaplaincy activity during Lent.

Fast, Give Pray - a graphic for Lent
Live Lent - a cheerful graphic for Lent

Stations of the Cross

Some schools have found that having a very short service each day visiting just one station works well.
Gather around the station (or project an image) and light a candle. Read the short passage from the gospel which tells the story of the station. Say the Our Father or another prayer together. Finish.
Younger children can be issued with an invitation to stations - on the back there is a grid to "collect" each of the 14 stations over the course of Lent.

Images of Stations of the Cross

Short Meditative Films on the Stations of the Cross (about 2m 30s each)
1 Jesus is condemned to death
2 Jesus carries his cross
3 Jesus falls for the first time
4 Jesus meets his mother
5 Simon helps Jesus carry his cross
6 Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
7 Jesus falls the second time
8 Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
9 Jesus falls the third time
10 Jesus is stripped of his clothes
11 Jesus is nailed to the cross
12 Jesus dies on the cross
13 Jesus is taken down from the cross
14 Jesus is laid in the tomb


The Lent Prose

This simple and beautiful chant for Lent originates in the 10th century Mozarabic liturgy.
Attende Domine (The Lent Prose)
Performance of an arrangement of Attende Domine by John Osterhagen
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Sample score




Several schools have found a contemporary adaptation of the ancient liturgy of Tenebrae has provided a powerful conclusion to the spring term just before Easter and Holy Week.
Liturgy of Tenebrae for schools


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