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Jesuit Liturgical Calendar
New Jesuit Liturgical Calendar - Letter of Fr General (PDF)
New Jesuit Liturgical Calendar (PDF) (effective 1st December 2013)

Directory for Masses with Children
Notes on the Directory for Masses with Children

Notes on Lay-led Liturgy

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Resources on Scripture versions for liturgy

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Academic Mass (beginning of Term 1)
November Lists
Bethany Mass (November)
Remembrance Day Service (on or close to 11th November)
Carol Service
Holy Name (3rd January)
Epiphany (6th January or beginning of Term 2)
Ash Wednesday
Tenebrae (Holy Week or end of Term 2)
St Ignatius (31st July or end of Term 3)
Founder's Day

Resources for Special Ministers of the Eucharist

Resources for training Eucharistic Ministers (Readings for Reflection and Practical Notes)
Rite of Commissioning


New Translation of the Mass

Downloadable texts of the new translation
Downloadable music for the new translations of the Mass
Resources for schools
Replacement Missal pages with mention of St Joseph (for Eucharistic Prayers II to IV)

There is permission to download and print your own copies of the text and some music for the new translation until the First Sunday of Advent (17th November 2011). On that date, the full text will come into use (ie. not just the Ordinary of the Mass but the Missal Propers also). At that stage this temporary copyright permission ceases and you will need to seek ICEL copyright permission to print any texts from the new Missal.

The Directory for Masses with Children (1973) continues to be the Church's official instruction and guidance on celebrating Masses with children. It's provisions are not optional - if you celebrate Mass with children you are obliged to do so according to its principles and provisions (which are pastoral, enlightened and flexible).