The Jesuit Schools Logo

The Jesuit Schools logo has been designed for use on materials produced by the Jesuit schools of the British Province. The logo is provided to encourage the schools to develop their corporate identity as part of the wider Jesuit identity and mission in education.

If you are a British Province Jesuit school, you may freely download and use these logos on your school materials.

If you are a Jesuit school from another province and you wish to make use of the logo, please contact us first. Thank you.

If you are a non-English-speaking Jesuit school and would like to use a version of this logo in your own language, please contact us.

Click on the images below for high-definition images to download.

These versions of the logo are for everyday use on in-school materials. If you wish to use the logo on very high quality work (such as your school prospectus, printed invitations, service sheets, stitched on clothing, or other public materials), EPS and JPEG versions are freely available from the Jesuit Institute to give to your designer/printer.

Technical information and guidance

Version 1
This two-colour version of the logo is designed for use in ordinary printed papers (using Microsoft Word for example) or in PowerPoint presentations.
Version 2
This black and white version of the logo is for use in Microsoft Word (or other wordprocessing programmes) or PowerPoint presentations.
PNG file BlcK RGB
Version 3
This two-colour version of the logo is designed for use on webpages.
PNG file RGB
Version 4
This two-colour version of the logo is a "reverse out" image designed for use on dark backgrounds (the illustration right is on dark grey but the logo can be used over any colour of your choice) in printed documents, PowerPoint presentations, or on webpages. Note this logo will look odd when you download and view it because the text and sun's rays are in white - it needs to be placed onto a dark background to be seen.
PNG file RGB Reverse Out
IHS Monogram
PNG file RGB
IHS Monogram
Black & White
PNG file BlcK RGB