Jesuit Saints

The following source books provide brief biographies of the Jesuit saints and beati which may be useful for preaching, school assemblies and in the classroom.

Jesuit Saints and Martyrs
Joseph Tylenda SJ
(Loyola University Press; 1984; ISBN 0 8294 0447 3)
Short biographies of 323 Jesuit Saints, Beati, and those in process of being canonized.

Companions of Jesus: Spiritual Profiles of the Jesuit Saints and Beati
Various authors and translators
(British Province of the Society of Jesus; 1974; privately printed)
Short biographies with a more spiritual slant.
Currently out-of-print. Please contact for details.
  List of Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus
The Jesuit Martyrology
Bl Diego de San Vitores SJ
Jesuit Priest and Martyr (1627 - 72)
Feast Day: 6th October
Born 1627 of noble family at Burgos, Spain
Entered Society of Jesus 1640
Ordained 1651
Sent as missionary to the East
Established first Christian mission on Guam
Martyred 1672
St Francis Borgia SJ
Jesuit Priest and Third Jesuit Superior General (1510 - 1572)
Feast Day: 3rd October
Born 1510 at Gandia in Valencia, Spain.
Educated at the Court of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
Married 1526 (age 16) and had eight children.
On his father's death in 1543 he became Fourth Duke of Gandia .
Following the death of his wife (1546), he renounced his title and joined the Society of Jesus. He refused a Cardinal's hat offered because of his nobility. In 1565 he was elected third Superior General of the Society.
Died 1573.
Canonized 1670.
Saint Leo Mangin SJ, St Paul Denn SJ, St Rémy Isoré SJ, St Modeste Andlauer SJ
Jesuit Priests and Martyrs
Feast Day: 9th July
The Martyr Saints of China
French Jesuit missionaries to China
Victims of the Boxer Rebellion
Martyred with 52 lay Christians in July 1900

St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ
Jesuit Scholastic (1568 - 91)
Feast Day: 21st June

Born 1568 eldest son of the Marquis of Castiglione in Lombardy
Entered the Society of Jesus 1585
Died nursing plague victims in Rome 1591 age 23
Patron of St Aloysius College Glasgow (1859)
Bl Thomas Whitbread SJ
Jesuit Priest and Martyr (1618 - 79)
Feast Day: 18th June
Born 1618 Essex
Educated at St Omers
Entered the Society of Jesus 1635
Worked in the English Mission from 1647
A victim of the Oates Plot 1678
Martyred at Tyburn 1679
Thomas Whitbread is one of the St Omers (Stonyhurst) Martyrs
Bl Jacques Berthieu SJ
Jesuit Priest and Martyr (1838 - 96)
Feast Day: 8th June
Born 1838 at Polminhac, Cantal, France
Ordaind priest 1864 for the Diocese of Saint-Flour
Entered the Society of Jesus in 1873
Sent to the mission on Madagascar
Martyred 1896 assisting refugees
Known as the Martyr of Madagascar (Premier Martyr de l'Île Rouge)
Bl Peter Wright SJ
Jesuit Priest and Martyr (1603 - 1651)
Feast Day: 19th May
Born 1603 at Slipton, Northamptonshire
Entered Society 1629 at Watten
Martyred at Tyburn 1651
Beatified 1929

St Andrew Bobola SJ
Jesuit Priest and Martyr (1591 - 1657)
Feast Day: 16th May
Encyclical Letter (1957) Highlights in red for assembly use

Born 1591
Martyred by the Cossacks 1657
Patron Saint of Poland
St Francis Jerome SJ
Jesuit Priest (1642 - 1716)
Feast Day: 11th May

Born 1642
Entered Society 1670 at age 28
Worked among slum-dwellers and slaves in the Kingdom of Naples
Died 1716
Canonized 1839

St José Rubio SJ
Jesuit Priest (1864 - 1929)
Feast Day: 4th May
Born 1864 at Dalías on the south coast of Spain
Ordained 1887 for the Madrid Diocese
Entered the Society of Jesus at Granada 1906
Died 1929
Canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2003
Known as the Apostle of Madrid

St John Ogilvie SJ
Jesuit Priest and Martyr (1579 - 1615)
Feast Day: 10th March
Short biography and spiritual profile by James Quinn SJ

Born 1579 at Drum-na-Keith, Scotland
Entered the Society of Jesus at Brno 1599
Returned to Scotland 1613
Martyred at Glasgow Cross 10th March 1615
Canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1976
The Jesuit Church of St Aloysius Glasgow has the status of a minor basilica as the national shrine to St John Ogilvie, Martyr of the Scottish Reformation