The Life of Ignatius by Charles Henin

These drawings by Charles Henin are from the Editions Vie Chrétienne version of the Autobiography of Ignatius Loyola. They are reproduced here with permission of the artist and the publisher and may be used freely in schools for teaching, in assemblies, retreats and liturgies.

If you wish to publish them or use them in other contexts, please contact us for permission. All of the images are copyright.

The images cover the whole of the life of Ignatius reported in the Autobiography. It is hoped that schools will use these to retell the story of Ignatius but to go beyond the usual episodes of the battle at Pamplona, the recuperation at Loyola and the pilgrimage to Montserrat and Manresa, key though these events were, and to explore other moments from his life.

References are given to the text of the Autobiography for each drawing. All translations use a standard numbering reference system.

The original images are of differing sizes and so will reproduce here with varying degrees of definition.

We are indebted to Charles Henin and to Editions Vie Chrétienne for permission to make this material more widely available to schools.



Image 01
The Man of Vanities

"Up to his 26th year he was a man given to worldly vanities, and having a vain and overpowering desire to win renown he found special delight in the exercise of arms."

Autobiography n.1


Image 02
Rallying the Spanish troops against the French

Ignatius persuades a reluctant and outnumbered Spanish army to fight against the French at Pamplona. 1521

Autobiography n.1

Image 03
The Battle at Pamplona
20th May 1521

Autobiography n.1-2


Image 04
Ignatius is carried to Loyola

Autobiography n.2

Image 05
Surgeons reset Ignatius' injured leg

Autobiography n.2

Image 06
Ignatius near to death at Loyola

Autobiography n.3

Image 07
The unsightly bump
Ignatius insists the leg is broken and reset and the protruding bone sawn off

Autobiography n.4

Image 08
Surgeons reset Ignatius' leg a second time

Autobiography n.4

Image 09
Many months of traction

Autobiography n.5

Image 10
Ignatius reads the Life of Christ and the Lives of the Saints

Autobiography n.5-6

Image 11
Dreaming of worldly conquests

Autobiography n.6

Image 12
Imitating St Francis of Assisi

Autobiography n.7

Image 13
The beginnings of discernment

Ignatius notices the dreams that leave him consoled and the dreams that leave him in desolation

Autobiography n.7-8

Image 14

Autobiography n.8

Image 15
Dreaming of pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Autobiography n.9

Image 16
Vision of Our Lady and Jesus at Loyola

Autobiography n.10

Image 17
Copying out the words of Christ

Autobiography n.11

Image 18
Ignatius leaves Loyola

Autobiography n.12

Image 19
Ignatius begins his journey accompanied by his brother

Autobiography n.13

Image 20
In discussion with a Moor on the road

Autobiography n.15

Image 21
Defending the honour of Our Lady and killing the Moor

Autobiography n.15

Image 22
Allowing the mule to choose the right path

Autobiography n.16

Image 23
Clothing of sackcloth

Autobiography n.16

Image 24
Writing the general confession of his whole life

Autobiography n.17

Image 25
Vigil at Monserrat
24/25th March 1522

Autobiography n.18

Image 26
Arriving at the town of Manresa

Autobiography n.18

Image 27
The hostel at Manresa

Autobiography n.19

Image 28
Begging alms at Manresa

Autobiography n.19

Image 29
The beautiful object in the air

Autobiography n.19

Image 30
Discernment of spirits

Autobiography n.21

Image 31
The seventy years of life

Autobiography n.20

Image 32
Consolation and desolation

Autobiography n.21

Image 33
The wise woman

Autobiography n.21

Image 34
Troubled by scruples

Autobiography n.22

Image 35
"Help me Lord for I find no remedy among men . . ."

Autobiography n.23

Image 36
Wanting to throw himself into a hole in the ground

Autobiography n.24

Image 37
Weighed down by past sins

Autobiography n.25

Image 38
Release from sins and scruples

Autobography n.25

Image 39
Losing sleep

Autobiography n.26


Image 40
God dealt with him as a schoolmaster teaches a child

Autobiography n.27

Image 41
The understanding of the Trinity

Autobiography n.28

Image 42
Ending extreme practices, Ignatius cuts his hair

Autobiography n.29

Image 43
Walking through the fields at Manresa

Autobiography n.30

Image 44
The vision at the River Cardoner

Autobiography n.30

Image 45
The Tort Cross 1

Autobiography n.31

Image 46
The Tort Cross 2

Autobiography n.31

Image 47
Near to death at Manresa

Autobiography n.32

Image 48
Thinking of death

Autobiography n.33

Image 49
Cared for in the house of Ferrera

Autobiography n.33

Image 50
Begging alms for the journey to Jerusalem

Autobiography n.36

Image 51
Accompanying travellers in Italy

Autobiography n.38

Image 52
The soldiers' fire

Autobiography n.38

Image 53
Exhausted and alone

Autobiography n.39

Image 54
Walking to Rome

Autobiography n.39


Image 55
Determination to go to Jerusalem

Autobiography n.42

Image 56
Too sick to travel?

Autobiography n.43

Image 57
Voyage to the Holy Land

Autobiography n.43-44

Image 58
The Holy Land

Autobiography n.44


Image 59
Great consolation arriving at Jerusalem

Autobiography n.45

Image 60
The Franciscan Guardian tells Ignatius to leave the Holy Land

Autobiography n.46

Image 61
Ignatius explains that he cannot leave the Holy Land

Autobiography n.46

Image 62
The Franciscan Guardian orders Ignatius to leave the Holy Land under power of the Holy See

Autobiography n.46

Image 63
The imprint of Christ's foot on the Mount of Olives

Autobiography n.47

Image 64
The Franciscans eject Ignatius from the Holy Land

Autobiography n.48

Image 66
Storm on the voyage to Cyprus

Autobiography n.49

Image 67
Ignatius loses all his possessions

Autobiography n.49

Image 68
"What ought he to do?"

Autobiography n.50

Image 69
Ignatius gives all he has to beggars

Autobiography n.50

Image 70
Ignatius walks between the French and Imperial armies

Autobiography n.51

Image 71
Ignatius is taken prisoner like Christ

Autobiography n.52

Image 72
Ignatius before the Captain of the guard

Autobiography n.53

Image 73
Ignatius continues his journey

Autobiography n.53

Image 74
Ignatius studies Latin grammar at school
Barcelona, February/March 1524

Autobiography n.54

Image 75
Studies "to learn how he could more easily be of help to souls"

Autobiography n.54

Image 76

Autobiography n.54-55

Image 77
Determination to overcome distractions to study

Autobiography n.55

Image 78
Making holes in his shoes

Autobiography n.55

Image 79
Mocked for begging alms

Autobiography n.56

Image 80
The University of Alcalá

Autobiography n.56-57

Image 81
Ignatius accused of belonging to the Illuminati

Autobiography n.58

Image 82
Allegations to the Inquisition

Autobiography n.59


Image 83
The visit of the married woman

Autobiography n.59

Image 84
Ignatius in prison visited by many people

Autobiography n.60

Image 85
In prison for 17 days

Autobiography n.61

Image 86
The two widows

Autobiography n.61

Image 87
Ignatius is not to speak about God without further studies

Autobiography n.62

Image 88
Helping souls or studies?

Autobiography n.63

Image 89
Ignatius visits the bishop at Valladolid

Autobiography n.63

Image 90

Autobiography n.64

Image 91
Conversation with the Dominicans

Autobiography n.64

Image 92
Angry Dominican

Autobiography n.65-66

Image 93
Ignatius and Calixto dressed as students

Autobiography n.66

Image 94
Questioned by Dominicans

Autobiography n.66

Image 95
Ignatius and Calixto imprisoned by the Dominicans

Autobiography n.66

Image 96

Autobiography n.67

Image 97

Autobiography n.68

Image 98
Ignatius and Calixto refuse to escape

Autobiography n.69

Image 99
Forced to keep silent on the subject of mortal and venial sin

Autobiography n.70

Image 100
Ignatius decides to leave Salamanca

Autobiography n.70

Image 101
The journey from Salamanca to Barcelona

Autobiography n.72

Image 102
"Alone and on foot" - Ignatius travels to Paris

Autobiography n.73

Image 103

Autobiography n.73

Image 103a
Studies with young boys at the Collège de Montaigu in the University of Paris

Autobiography n.73

Imge 104
Ignatius lives at the Hôpital Saint Jacques

Autobiography n.74

Image 105
Ignatius begs for alms for food and to support his studies

Autobiography n.74

Image 106
Ignatius travels to the Netherlands to beg alms

Autobiography n. 76

Image 107
Ignatius gives the Spiritual Exercises to his fellow students

Autobiography n.77

Image 108
The Companions travel to different cities

Autobiography n.78


Image 109
Spiritual turmoil on the road from Paris to Rouen

Autobiography n.79

Image 110
"Great consolation and spiritual strength"

Autobiography n.79

Image 111
Tending the poor beggar

Autobiography n.79

Image 112
The destinations of the Companions

Autobiography n.80


Image 113
The poisoning of Arteaga

Autobiography n.80

Image 114
Trouble with the Inquisition again

Autobiography n.81

Image 115
Ignatius continues studies at the Collège Sainte-Barbe

Autobiography n.82

Image 116
Temptation during his studies

Autobiography n.82

Image 117
Ignatius shares lodgings with Francis Xavier and Pierre Favre

Autobiography n.82

Image 118
Ignatius tends victims of the plague

Autobiography n.83

Image 119
Ignatius worries about contracting plague himself

Autobiography n.83

Image 120
His fellow students are afraid Ignatius may have plague

Autobiography n.84

Image 121
Ignatius "takes the stone" at the University

Autobiography n.84

Image 122
Ignatius suffers from stomach pains
Ignatius suffered throughout his life from a stomach complaint from which he died in 1556

Autobiography n.84

Image 123
Deliberation of the Companions

Autobiography n.85

Image 124
In trouble with the Inquisition yet again

Autobiography n.86

Image 125
The Inquisition investigates Ignatius' book of Spiritual Exercises

Autobiography n.86


Image 126
Ignatius returns to Loyola for the last time
April 1535

Autobiography n.87


Image 127
Ignatius preaches to the people of Loyola

Autobiography n.88

Image 128
New laws and customs at Loyola
Ignatius persuades the people of Loyola to cease gambling, girls to wear hats, feed the poor, and ring the Angelus three times a day

Autobiography n.88-89

Image 129
Ignatius becomes seriously ill at Loyola

Autobiography n.89

Image 130
Ignatius leaves Loyola accompanied by his brothers

Autobiography n.90


Image 131
The voyage to Genoa

Autobography n.91

Image 132
Ignatius gets lost travelling to Bologna

Autobiography n.91

Image 133
Ignatius falls into the river

Autobiography n.91

Image 134
January 1536

Autobiography n.92

Image 135
The Companions reunited at Venice

Autobiography n.93


Image 136
Ignatius and the Companions are ordained priests in Venice

Autobiography n.93

Image 137
Living in poverty at Vincenza

Autobiography n.94

Image 138
The Companions beg for alms

Autobiography n.94

Image 139
The Companions preach in the town squares

Autobiography n.95

Image 140
Visiting a sick Companion at Bassano

Autbiography n.95

Image 141
The vision at La Storta

Autobiography n.96


Image 142

Autobiography n. 98

Image 143
Ignatius gives the Exercises to Dr Ortiz at Monte Cassino

Autobography n.98

Image 144
Persecutions in Rome

Autobiography n.98

Image 145
The Society is approved by Pope Paul III
September 1540

Autobiography n. 98


Image 146
The ministries of the first Companions
House for Catechuments, ministry to prostitutes, looking after orphans and what else?

Autobiography n.98


Image 147
Ignatius works for the rest of his life in his rooms at Rome

Autobiography n.99

Image 148
Ignatius writes the Constitutions

Autobiography n.99

Image 149
The writings of Ignatius
Image 150
The seal of the Society of Jesus
with the monogram IHS (the name Jesus in Greek)

Dessins de Charles Hénin, tirés du livre Ignace de Loyola par lui-même - Sa vie questionnée par le dessin. Editions Vie Chrétienne n°350. Texte intégral du Récit.

Copyright Note

The copyright of these images is owned by Charles Hénin. These images may be freely used in schools and parishes for teaching, assemblies, talks and liturgy. If you wish to use them in other contexts or ion formal printed matter, please contact us for permission. Thank you.