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inspiration, resources and training for schools

The Jesuit Institute is a partnership of Jesuits and lay people in the UK who provide inspiration, resources and training for schools.

The Jesuit Institute helps governors and school leaders, teachers and support staff, parents and pupils, with the aim of “improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good.”
(St Ignatius Loyola, cf. Constitutions n.440)

The eleven Jesuit schools in Britain work together better to understand, promote and live out the vision and spirit of St Ignatius Loyola in education.

The Jesuit Institute shares resources and good practice from around the world and creates and commissions new resources for schools.

The Jesuit Institute works with other Christian and Catholic schools.

updated 9 July 2021

JPP Virtues
The schedule for the JPP virtues for next school year (2021-22) is now available. [posted 6.7.21]
JPP Schedule 2021-22
JPP Resources

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