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Inspiration, resources and training for schools

The Jesuit Institute is a partnership of Jesuits and lay people in the UK who work to provide inspiration, resources and training for schools.

The Institute helps governors, school leaders, teachers, support staff, parents and pupils with the aim of “improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good.”(St Ignatius Loyola, cf. Constitutions n.440)

The eleven Jesuit schools of the British Province of the Society of Jesus work together better to understand, promote and live out the vision and spirit of St Ignatius Loyola.

The Jesuit Institute shares resources and good practice from around the world and creates and commissions new resources for schools.

The Jesuit Institute also works with other Christian and Catholic schools.


updated on 21.4.18

Easter 2018
Resources for assemblies, RE teaching and liturgy. [posted 28.3.18]
link to resources page

JPP Theme
The Jesuit Pupil Profile theme for the first half of the summer term (April/May) in Jesuit schools is Learned & Wise. [posted 7.4.18]
JPP Learned & Wise resources

RE Resources
RE resources from Charles Beach for April 2018. [posted 2.4.18]

Chairs of Governors Conference
Saturday 12th May 2018
Jesuit Curia, London

The annual meeting of Chairs of Governors (plus one other governor) of the British Province Jesuit schools is at Mount Street on Saturday 12th May. [posted 6.4.18]
More information

Chaplains' Conference
3rd/4th May 2018

The summer term conference for Chaplains of Jesuit schools in the UK takes place at Hinsley Hall, Leeds, in May. [posted 8.3.18]
More information

Heads of Jesuit Schools Conference
14/15th June 2018

The summer term conference for Heads of Jesuit schools in the UK takes place at Hinsley Hall, Leeds, in June. [posted 8.3.18]
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Job Vacancies
Current job vacancies in Jesuit schools in the UK are listed here. [updated 8.318]

Interview with Fr General
An interview Fr Arturo Sosa SJ about Jesuit education and Jesuit schools. [posted 7.2.18]
Interview with Fr General

Visitations 2018
The schedule for Provincial Visitations of the schools in 2018 is linked below. There is also guidance on preparing for Visitation (and writing the Apostolic Report) and two documents which will form the agenda for this year's Visitations. [posted 20.1.18]
Visitations 2018

JPP Themes for School Year 2017-18
The half-termly focus on the virtue pairs of the Jesuit Pupil Profile for 2017-18 will be as follows:
Term 1
first half - Curious & Active
second half - Generous & Grateful
Term 2
first half - Intentional & Prophetic
second half - Compassionate & Loving
Term 3
first half - Learned & Wise
second half - Faith-filled & Hopeful
The remaining two pairs (Attentive & Discerning and Eloquent & Truthful) will be picked up at the start of the 2018-19 school year.
JPP resources
JPP - Virtue and Learning in the Ignatian Tradition (pdf)
[posted 1.8.17]

Rio Action Statement
The first worldwide meeting of provincial education delegates took place in Rio in October 2017. All Jesuit schools are committed to the action points contained in the Action Statement of the conference. [posted 9.1.18]
Rio 2017 Action Statement for Jesuit Schools

Shared Vision Induction
The new powerpoint presentations, handbook, scripts and resources for SVi are now available. [posted 29.8.17]
SVi Resources

A new page has been added to this website making it easier to see and access Jesuit Institute publications. [posted 18.7.17]
JI publications

Jesuit Institute Programme 2017-18
The programme of conferences and courses for the school year 2017-18 is now available. [posted 2.7.17]
JI 2017-18 Programme

Jesuit Pupil Profile
A new resource for schools using the JPP.
Download PDF
[posted 6.6.17]

Jesuit Schools - A Quick Introduction
A new resource for schools, this leaflet briefly describes Jesuit education and Jesuit schools in the UK. It is intended to be a free give-away for parents and visitors.
Jesuit Schools (pdf)
[posted 10.9.16]

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