Governing a Jesuit School


Governing a Jesuit School: An Introduction for New Governors (and School Leaders) (Jesuit Institute 2021)


The documents mentioned in Governing a Jesuit School are available online below or in hard copy from your school:

The Characteristics of Jesuit Education (1986)

Jesuit Pupil Profile: Virtue and Learning in the Ignatian Tradition (2013)

AMDG to LDS (2017)

Jesuit Schools: A Quick Introduction (2019)

The Spirit of Jesuit Education (2014)

A Model for Jesuit School Chaplaincy (2019)

Priestly Ministry in Jesuit Schools (2017)

Religious Education Curriculum Directory (2012; revision due 2022) [England & Wales]

Catholic Schools Inspection Handbook (due 2022) [England & Wales]

This is the Faith: Guidance on the Teaching of Religious Education in Catholic Schools (2011/2015) [Scotland]

You can access all Jesuit Institute publications for schools here.